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Retrieved November 21, Not "I'm not going to dignify that with an answer", or dodging the question - he outright denied it.

Mike definitely knows what he is talking about, and I enjoy checking out his site even though it is glitchy and often crashes my browser. Naked and afraid big boobs. Kelly January 20, at 1: Mikulski has been voted the "meanest senator" in Washingtonian 's survey of congressional staffers. This executive order would provide LGBT people with another avenue in the federal government they could turn to if they were the victim of employment discrimination by a federal contractor. Barbara mikulski lesbian. UK ambassador urges countries to decriminalize homosexuality.

Shame on all the others. The governor is possibly John Kitzhaber, newly elected and also former governor of Oregon. Member of the U.

Burr has not signaled publicly that he would vote for an amendment to federal civil rights law to include gays or transgender people. Senate floor until For one thing, several of them have already been outed. In many instances he is treated like the machine he operates or the pencil he pushes. Since the purpose of the day was to honor the founding of the United States of America, each speaker was scheduled to talk about part of the Constitution.

Press Releases Delaware Delaware. Lesbian blonde foot worship. I'm going to go out on a limb: She later co-sponsored a measure that sought to repeal the law.

No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. And, I don't believe that folks who "out" should be able to hide behind the "public figure" burden of malicious intent when flinging allegations!

Although the words "I am gay" have not publicly been uttered by Democratic Senator Kohl, he is, we all know it, and he knows we all know it. She was instrumental in solidifying democratizing reforms to the national delegate selection process. Barbara Mikulski must really be a self-hating mess. Inductees to the National Women's Hall of Fame. Paul Sarbanes, Ben Cardin. The Republican nominee was Linda Chavezwho left her post as Assistant to the President for Public Liaison in an attempt to win the seat.

Mikuski's orienation and, like others, would have a hard time outing someone who supports us.

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And because Dem votrs playing"moderate" stick in that "moderate" balance bullshit touted in the election as a good thing, we have a few republicans posing as dems,and dems who are just oblivious because they are surrounded by wingnuts pssing bills to huge to read. Big tits and a tight pussy. Griffin Harriet Legum Allyson R.

Russian police arrest Peter Tatchell in Moscow. Wargotz has plenty of money to fund his campaign but if he wins he has no chance against Sen. Help us deliver journalism that makes a difference in our community.

However, when Mikulski supported the Defense of Marriage Act, re-outing her had an improving effect. America is not a melting pot. If Jim Rutledge wins the Republican primary election on Sept. Non-religious citizens have a right to get married. Way to go with this. And, if it's a true allegation, it could still mean a hell of a lawsuit. Barbara mikulski lesbian. Horny pussy lesbian. Walker Faye Wattleton Rosalyn S. Inside a short-term luxury living arrangement by Ampeer Residences posted on July 2, He lost popularity with voters, opening the door for Mikulski's bid for the Senate.

Are Negative Campaigns Destroying Democracy? So I will see you on that post!

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I suppose I understand why she felt the need to conceal her orientation in the 80s, but I really hope she feels safe opening up about it now. Surely Maryland can and must do better than that and I believe Jim Rutledge is our man.

Although well-known to residents in her city, Mikulski had limited name recognition in the rest of the state. Mathias Re-Election Drive Opens". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mikulski, popularly known as "Senator Barb", [29] was re-elected with large majorities in,and Will Martin O'Malley run? David in Palm Springs March 26, at In OctoberMikulski sponsored a bill honoring naturopathic medicine. Mikulski was one of 11 senators to vote against both the and resolutions authorizing the use of force in Iraq.

Mikulski is in a position to do an enormous amount of good, if she retires and works for homosexual equality. Mikulski would still have noble work to do in retirement if she came out of the closet as a lesbian and then applied her charm, determination and lifetime of political skills to campaigning for legal equality for lesbians and gays.

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