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Santana's counterattacks include a couple of near falls and some shots to Angel's abs. Naked and afraid big boobs. He even seems reluctant to ask Havok if she wants to quit when Jayme has her screaming with an early armbar and counts suspiciously fast when Jayme chokes the Death Machine in a corner.

Amber O'Neal vs Ivelisse Two of the roster's wiliest veterans face off in this arm submissions contest, starting off the proceedings by comparing the levels of peach fuzz on their arms. Barbi hayden nude. Lexie takes charge and tortures Lacey with repeated belly slaps, shoulderblocks, and kneelifts.

Chokeslams, Sidewalk Slams, Bodyslams Will Raylyn find any gas in her tank? But Veda shows that she came here for a fight today, and brought her A game as she trades shots toe to toe with one of the best and most dominant females in wrestling today.

Shazza, however slows his momentum with a low blow and several resounding chops to the chest. The ladies start sportingly, trading Headlocks, Wristlocks and compliments. The losers are put to sleep in the end, though they are left to suffer the indignity of their superior opponents standing on top of their piled up bodies. A somewhat optimistic Chico states that "any minute now, we're gonna get back in this". Marti fights back with some huge forearms, but it's a slick reversal that leads to a sudden 3 count finish.

Aja battles back, but neither competitor is able to score a decisive victory before the match ends and a winner is declared. And since there's no referee to stop them, these ladies go back and forth for quite a while! The damage, though, is done. Gina philips nude pictures. After the match, Brittney turned on Cataldo and hit him with a Stunner!

Barbie gets perverted on her vagina Su must have done something to piss Rain off because the Radiant One spends the majority of this match trying to wring Su's neck! Kennadi strangles Leah on the ropes, then follows up with a neck wrenching Cravate. Gabi finds a gasp of offense, but when Su locks in a Mandible Claw, there may be no escaping except by submission. Things take a quick turn when Gabi locks in an Argentine Leglock that has Tracy tapping out.

Whether Reed can overcome this combination of bad sportsmanship, brute strength and genuine skill is an open question even with the third-act assistance of a male mystery guest who inexplicably and comically decides to attack Allysin with a low blow. Amy's the early aggressor here, going for pins, working the corners, and some Waistscissors. She traps Hiroyo in an inverted Full Nelson and works her abs with gut strikes, kicks and Headbutts. Jessie Belle Smothers Santana cheers on her friend, which only seems to incite more heelish tactics from Madison.

Ivelisse vs Nevaeh Nevaeh and Ivelisse have a lot in common-Both are wrestling veterans willing to do whatever it takes to win, and both have long luxurious hair. Fascinating action by a sexy barbie Raylyn is a little more wily than MJ would like and the two end up in a test of strength, with MJ taking advantage with a bit of a low stomp.

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She even resorts to some deeply underhanded tactics, distracting the ref by inventing an issue with the turnbuckles while taking the time to deliver a horrifying low blow.

There is the occasional kick, punch and choke but the arm theme reigns supreme as these two extremely loud athletes go back and forth, complaining every step of the way about just how painful all that hair-plucking is! Chasyn and Chris are more than happy to oblige her attitude in this matchup filled with some dastardly doubleteaming. Backpage tampa female escorts. When Cherry comes in to finish the job, Evie is able to fight back and get the tag she so desperately needs. Rachel controls the pace of the bout though, not allowing Thunderkitty a second opening.

Kelly Klein vs Miss Rachel Two powerhouses take to the canvas barefoot for a submissions only match. Cherry tries to fight back, but Vanessa towers over her and blocks any momentum Cherry might build.

There's no ref to stop Von Eerie's illegal tactics either, so Mia's in for some serious punishment. The final fall is wide open and the wrestlers give it their all until a lights out DDT leaves one battler out on the canvas. Mia over powers Veda right from the opening lock up, throwing her down to the mat. Su and Leva then practice their doubleteam maneuvers as they hit a doubleteam Pedigree on Cade. Barbi hayden nude. Locking Shayna in a Double-toed Leglock and demanding a submission sparks Shayna into teaching Rhia a new variation on a Trailer Hitch hold.

Angel Williams vs Santana Ref Solo Darling keeps things fair and squared as these two vets square off once again. Fabianne therese naked. Rain vs Su Yung Have you ever been so angry at someone that you wanted to choke the life out of them? She takes him down right after with an armdrag only to be dropped in turn yet again.

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With Aja all tied up, she's hardly able to muster up much offense despite her best efforts. That pretty much sets the tone for how the fellas are going to behave throughout this match. A wild back and forth frenzy of moves and reversals sets up a lights out DDT that leaves one wrestler down and out for the three count. Malia Hosaka vs Santana Chasyn Rance oversees this 2 out of 3 falls, one-on-one championship match, as Malia defends her title against the venerable Santana.

And since everything else is legal, Nicole sprinkles in a few rope chokes and foot chokes, and tosses Marti from the ring to work her over on the floor and slam her into the walls.

Serena came out and blindsided Martinez and cut off some of her hair! Both wrestlers display the utmost confidence in this one and demand elaborate intros from Leva… who only throws fuel on the fire. Both wrestlers start off the match in high gear, with each scoring numerous two-counts.

But once Cade gets Su trapped in the corner, the tide of the match turns dramatically. Alicia ended in a No-Contest after interference by Jessicka Havok. However, the mutual admiration soon evolves into mutual hairpulling! Amy is quick to take control of the action and with less than 2 minutes on the clock, she takes the lead with a Standing Figure Four Leglock. Unfortunately for the Kimber Bombs, the blonde side of the equation doesn't fare much better.

Leva is dizzied with an Airplane Spin.

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